Selling sex has never been more profitable—or more dangerous—for everyone on both sides of the screen. Jewels Jade should know. She has spent most of her life working in the adult entertainment industry.

Porn isn’t just for men in trench coats and shady video store backrooms anymore. From vanilla to vile, it’s all online, just a click away on any device. While online porn may not exactly be ‘social’ media, the sophisticated business models and technology behind it would make Facebook all hot and bothered.

Just like social media, though, online porn banks on fresh content and takes viewer data-mining to the bank, creating a snowballing cycle of algorithms, addictive behaviors, and extreme performances that have consequences that go beyond our wildest dreams and worst nightmares.

A porn star ‘revealing all’ seems like an oxymoron, but that’s exactly what this book is. From the secret uses of piña colada mix to neurochemical re-engineering, this book is your personal tour of the palace of fun house mirrors that is the business of adult entertainment.

Meet Jewels Jade

Jewels Jade is a nice Catholic girl from San Diego. She has a nursing degree, a real estate license, a Navy Seal husband, two kids, a Penthouse Pet title, and more than 500 adult films to her name.

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